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Need a Custom Sign?

Lightgod offers the world the largest selection of ready to ship, imprintable and custom made Light Up Toys and Lighted Signs.  SEARCH our site to easily find any Glow Products, Light Up Toys or Neon Signs at wholesale prices.  Light Up Ice Cubes are COOL.  Lighted Beads and LED Necklaces are HOT!  Custom Neon and LED Signs are extra Amazing. Call on us for your next important party or promotion.  Did you know is the global expert in the custom manufacturing of LED Toys and Custom Lighted Signage? Lighted Signs make you look. Whether it's Neon Lights , LED Lights, Electroluminescent Light, Flourescent Light, Video or Programmable Displays; Lights Up Signs are attractive! Lighted Signs for advertising your Name or Logo, Message or Image are the perfect way to be seen.  New LED Sign Technology takes Lighted Signs to a whole new level. We design and manufacture the slimmest, brightest best Lighted Signs for your business, group, school, club or special event. We make it EASY! Call on us today!.