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Why Are Neon Beer Signs a Mainstay of Bar Decor?

When people want a nice homey place to kick back with some friends, take in a game, or celebrate a new job, they're looking somewhere with some neon beer signs posted. more...

Getting the Most from Your Lighted Display

So you've just gotten hold of a beautiful lighted display. Maybe it's a neat lamp, a lighted coaster, or a bottle glorifier, and you can't wait to show it off. If you really want to get the most out of it, here are some simple tricks to really make it pop. more...

How Do Light Boxes Work?

You've seen those animated light boxes. They'll show a drinking glass being filled or a brand logo being lit up in an eye-catching, dramatic fashion. It's a great way to really set the decor apart in a restaurant more...

How Are Custom Neon Light Signs... Customized?

Custom neon light signs are a bit of a wonder to behold. So delicate, and yet so bold. Some of them present an aura of class and sophistication while others are just a bit tacky. more...

5 Creative Ways To Use LED Light Toys & Novelties

While it's fun to play with LED light toys such as our hula hoops, bouncing balls and bubble guns, many of our light-up toys can be used in some ways that you might not expect. more...

8 Essential Light-Up Toys From LightGod

Light-up toys are the ideal novelty item for just about any type of casual party, from birthday parties to corporate events and even gatherings such as family reunions, graduation parties and fundraisers. more...

10 Fabulous Ways To Use Flashy Blinky Lights

At LightGod, we are obsessed with all types of LED lights and LED flashy blinky lights. Our selection includes thousands of LED products, and there are tons of creative ways to use each and every one of our products. Here's a little bit of LED inspiration to spark your creativity. more...

5 Reasons Why You Need LED Signs & Light-Up Displays

If you are searching for some easy ways to enhance the look of your storefront or the interior of your business, our LED signs and light-up displays might be just what you need. more...

5 Things You Didn't Know About Custom Neon Signs

We see neon signs every day. Some are just simple signs proclaiming "open" or "closed," while others are more intricate. Custom neon signs can be an excellent eye-catcher for just about any business and truly can attract the attention of new customers. more...

Transform From Drab to Fab With LED Name Badges & More

Let's face it; nailing a trade show hasn't always been easy. With so many booths and scintillating products at the audience's disposal, it can be a little hectic, if not downright overwhelming, when you are trying to attract attention to your booth. more...

Brighten Up Any Party With Our Glow Products

One of the most scintillating trends at parties and special events across the globe is providing your guests with some cool glow products. Glow products are simply taking the world of parties by storm. more...

LED Bracelets & Other Fun LED Jewelry Options

Finding decent giveaways and favors for your company events, parties and trade shows haven't always been easy. With glow products, however, you easily can transform your event into something special. more...

Finding Custom Neon Signs for Sale

Bright neon lights are one of the best ways to attract attention to your business. Once you find this useful tool and wish to implement it into your business decor, you will need to find custom neon signs for sale. more...

The Benefits of Wholesale Neon Signs

As you consider your advertising methods, neon signs can be an attractive option for the exterior of your business. Before you spend money buying wholesale neon signs, you will need to evaluate the advantages of these signs so you can make the most cost effective choice for your business. more...

Personalized Neon Signs Attract Customers

One of the most important things you can do for your business is to increase your visibility. You want as many prospective customers as possible to notice you and realize you can fulfill their needs. While there are many options for drawing their attention, personalized neon signs can prove to be exactly what you need. more...

Uses for Neon Signs

Since it was discovered, neon has been widely sought after for its bright nature and the ability to see the signage from long distances, regardless of time of day. Because of this, there are many uses that have been developed for neon signs over the years. more...

Color Your World With Custom Neon Lights

Neon lights can illuminate the darkest night, imprinting your message in dazzling colors. Whether using custom neon lights for your business or installing a unique light display for your home, neon lights are a great way to broadcast your message—no matter if you’re attracting customers, or entertaining your neighbors. more...

Don't Be Left in the Dark; Mark Your Milestones With Custom Neon Signs

A well-designed neon sign can make the difference between brand visibility and brand obscurity. Custom neon signs ensure your message reaches its intended audience no matter the time of day or night, turning a simple investment into a 24/7 advertisement that viewers will never forget. more...

Making Your Brand Pop Out with Light

Whether it's to promote your local restaurant or to bring the life to a Friday night dance party, having a lighted display or two can bring a much-needed kick and pop to an otherwise drab establishment. Taking the time to consider just what kind of light fixtures and glow accessories to use will put that much more life and energy into any get-together. The best part is, lighted toys and signs make it easy to add more with much less! more...

Feed Your Appetite for Creativity With Lighted Menu Boards

You're a fast-moving, busy restaurant or café with a diverse customer base to match your diverse menu. Your specials change every night. You're always trying something new, colorful, and creative. You need a menu board as versatile and adaptable as your menu, and with lighted menu boards you can show off both your menu and your creative flair with dazzling colors and lights.more...

Party Centerpieces & The Art Of Tablescaping

If you are stumped about how to decorate for your next party or corporate event, concentrating on creating cool tablescapes can be a great idea. We have many products that can be used as party centerpieces or buffet table decorations, and LED centerpieces definitely will create a positive impression on your guests. more...

Elevate Your Party With Flashing Blinky Lights

When it comes to planning a party, decorations can truly set the tone. Adding some flashing blinky lights can transform your next event into something truly spectacular. Here are a few types of parties where flashy blinky lights are a great decorating option, and a few examples of how you might utilize these fun LED novelties. more...

Glow Ice Cubes & 4 Other Unique LED Novelties

At virtually every type of corporate event, whether it is a trade show, launch party or some other type of large-scale corporate event, passing out favors to potential clients has become routine. At LightGod, we specialize in providing our clients with LED novelties, such as our glow ice cubes, that will help your company stand apart from the rest. Here are four fantastic LED novelties that might be perfect to pass out at your next event. more...

4 Must-Have Fiber Optic Toys & Novelties

At LightGod, we have a huge assortment of LED products as well as neon signs, fiber optic toys and much more. Our fiber optic toys and novelties are fantastic options for trade shows and parties. Here's a look at four amazing fiber optic items that everyone will enjoy. more...

Light-Up Drinking Straws & Other Fun LED Bar Products

Are you looking to spruce up things in your bar or restaurant? If you wish to attract attention to your business, sometimes it is wise to consider a complete makeover and you can start with some fun LED drinkware and barware. LED glasses, blinking ice cubes and light-up drinking straws are just a few of the amazing items you can use to generate interest in your business. Not only are these items ideal for bar and club owners, they can transform a dull corporate event into an exciting and memorable evening. more...

The Top 5 Light-Up Giveaways For Your Next Trade Show

Are you looking for great giveaways that will be the envy of your trade show section? Do you want to make a significant mark at your next convention? If yes, then the team at definitely can help. Light-up giveaways are now the “it thing” when it comes to appealing to your potential clients, and we have just about every LED product and novelty you might need. more...

Glow In The Dark Party Supplies For Your Halloween Event

If you are thinking about planning a large company party or event, a Halloween-themed fete is always a good idea. People love dressing up in wild and crazy costumes, and the spooky theme is sure to be a big hit. At LightGod, we have all of the glow-in-the-dark party supplies you'll need to create a memorable Halloween haunt. more...

Custom Neon Signs & Other Inexpensive Business Boosters

Whether your storefront is a restaurant, a bar or a retail business, attracting customers can be tricky and often expensive. With the use of custom neon signs and a few other easy business boosters, you can lure in new customers easily and at little expense. more...

Glow Balls & Other Party Favors They'll Love

If you are heading to a trade show or perhaps hosting a large party or event, it can be a great idea to provide potential clients or party guests with some cool favors. You can pass these items out as people leave your booth or hand them out at a launch party or even an event such as a bar mitzvah or a graduation party. If these favors sparkle, flash or glow, such as glow balls, then they will be all the more memorable. more...

Glow Products Are The Perfect Addition To Many Parties

While you might not include cool glow products at a formal event, there are dozens of other types of events where glow products can truly transform your party into an occasion people will be talking about for weeks and months. Our glow products are suitable for launch parties; trade shows, restaurant and bar openings or events, weddings, bar mitzvahs, quincenearas and much more. Here are a few suggestions regarding how you can use our glow products. more...

Blinkies & Other LED Novelties That You Need Now

You’ve probably been to a party or company event, where cool, flashing LED pins were passed out. These fun LED novelties are known as blinkies or LED blinkies and they are an extremely affordable option for any type of party, trade show or corporate event. more...

Planning A Spectacular Glow Party: Supplies & Other Tips

If you are searching desperately for a cool party theme, why not plan a glow-in-the-dark party? A glow party is a great option for all types of parties including graduation events, bar mitzvahs, rehearsal dinners, school parties, fundraisers, launch parties and corporate events. At LightGod, our huge selection of glow party supplies includes everything you might need to make your glow-in-the-dark party happen. more...

Attract Attention With Our Affordable LED Blinking Pins

If you wish to liven up your next corporate event or a large party, blinking pins are an excellent and affordable option. These blinky pins come in a huge variety of styles and colors to suit virtually any occasion, and they add a bit of sparkle to any type of event. At LightGod, we offer fast shipping and great bulk prices on all of our blinky pins. Here's a sample of what we offer. more...

A Party Isn't A Party Without Glowing Ice Cubes

Planning a corporate event can seem like a bit of a challenge, but there are plenty of ways to set your event or party apart from the rest. One of our best sellers, glowing ice cubes, can elevate your event to new heights. Here are just a few examples of the types of events that might benefit from these fun novelty items. more...

Trade Show Gear: LED Blinkies & More Eye-Catching Options

Planning for a convention is a huge undertaking with many different tasks to complete prior to the big event. One of the important tasks is to find ways to attract attention to your convention booth as well as compiling a bag filled with information about your goods and services. At LightGod, we have thousands of great attention-grabbing options to consider, including our huge selection of flashing blinky lights. more...

LED Novelties: Light Up Sunglasses, LED Toys & More

If you are a party planner or simply have been given the task of planning for a large corporate event, adding a few festive light up LED novelties is always a good idea. The light up and glow items are always a huge hit and they can truly elevate your event from a fun gathering to a memorable fete. more...

Light Up Your Company Event With LED Mugs, Glassware

While many people dread the company party, there's no reason why it needs to be a dull, drab affair. If you are planning a corporate event, consider livening up the event with some LED mugs and barware, as well as a few other creative touches. more...

Battery Operated Signs & Other Quality Signs From LightGod

Advertising a business can be both expensive and complicated. However, using custom signage can be a great, affordable way to attract attention and improve the look of your business. At LightGod, we offer great prices on an assortment of battery operated signs, neon signs and much more. Here’s a quick look at what we offer. more...

Unique LED Novelties: A Fiber Optic Wand, LED Swords & Much More

If you truly want to light up your next party or event, our selection of unique LED novelties might be just what you need. We have everything from a colorful fiber optic wand to LED swords and sabers. There are many occasions in which our LED toys and novelties would be a perfect fit. more...

3 Reasons Why You Need Light-Up Ice Cubes

If you’ve never before seen a light up ice cube, you might wonder why these small novelty items are so popular. But a light up ice cube can truly elevate a party or company event to the next level, and there are actually several reasons why you should consider purchasing LED, light-up ice cubes for your next event. more...

How Custom Neon Signs & Lighted Signs Improve Your Business

Most cities are full of life regardless of whether it is during the day or at night. What this means is that business is always bustling and customers are available for the taking. This is why it is essential that your business should be easily distinguished from your competitors. more...

About Our Light Up Products

We import, manufacture, imprint and distribute the coolest light up products and light up sign technology in the world.

Electroluminescent Signs

EL Signs and Electroluminescent technology is the new way to catch your audience's attention, its paper thin, captivating light source is revolutionising the way businesses market their branded message to their target customers. We can light up any artwork to your own specifications whether it's size, shape, color or animated sequence.

Electroluminescent lighting is changing the sign world. Imagine lightweight, smoothly animated signs that make people wonder "how did they do that?" The answer is affordable but dazzling displays that we call Electroluminescent Signs. These signs are amazingly thin (think smaller than your wallet) and super-bright.

Companies that are serious about standing out from the crowd are choosing to help them with their promotional and advertising needs. We are the leading provider and innovator of products using LED’s. From LED buttons, and LED pins, LED necklaces, and LED bracelets to LED flashlights, LED key chains, and LED apparel, contact us first for all your LED lighted novelties.

LED's Lighting

Definition: Light emitting diodes (LEDs) are diodes (electronic components that let electricity pass in only one direction) that emit visible light when electricity is applied, much like a light bulb.

When many LEDs are side-by-side, they can create pictures, such as the scrolling colorful LED signs and badges found on, or be strung together to be used like "light lines." When they're used individually, or in small groups of two to five lights, they can light up a drinking glass, a ring, a pendant, or a flashlight. When used in banks of dozens of lights, the banks can be used to light up an entire wall. is the leading provider and innovator of products using LED’s. From LED buttons, and LED pins,LED necklaces, and LED bracelets to LED flashlights, LED key chains, and LED apparel, contact us first for all your LED lighted novelties.


Definition: Electroluminescence (EL)is the emission of light by a phosphor when activated by an alternating field or by a gas or material when activated by an electric discharge.

This is completely different from black body light emission of heat such in an incandescent light, from the "excitement" of a gas enclosed in a glass tube as in a flourescent or neon light, from the chemical reaction in chemiluminescence, from sound (sonoluminescence), or from some other other mechanical action (mechanoluminescence).

Electroluminescent lighting can be applied to virtually any material to provide beautiful lighted accents as thin as a wire, as a large piece of fabric or as amzing animated EL Signs. It can be woven into or wrapped around anything you can imagine. can incorporate and integrate EL lighting into any application you can think of.

Plasma Lighting

Definition: Plasma lamps are a type of electrodeless lamp energized by radio frequency (RF) power. They are distinct from the novelty plasma lamps that were popular in the 1980s. An electrodeless lamp is a light source in which the power required to generate light is transferred from the outside of the lamp envelope by means of (electro)magnetic fields, in contrast with a typical electrical lamp that uses electrical connections through the lamp envelope to transfer power.

Modern plasma lamps are a family of light sources that generate light by exciting a plasma inside a closed transparent burner or bulb using radio frequency (RF) power. They add motion and excitement to any light-up display. Whether you purchase a stock item or have something custom-made for your event, can provide it for you.

Neon Lights

Definition: Neon lighting is created by brightly glowing, electrified glass tubes or bulbs that contain rarefied neon or other gases.

Neon Signs and tube lighting have been around for more than 100 years. It was first presented in essentially its modern form at the Paris Motor Show from December 3–18, 1910. It became very popular for signage and displays between 1920 and 1940. A cultural phenomenon, by 1940 nearly every American city's downtown area was awash in colorful neon. Now used more extensively outside the US, where development is vigorously pursued in Japan and Iran, the use of neon signage has expanded from the large, bold designs associated with Las Vegas in the '50s and '60s, and still lighting up Times Square in New York City, to include interior decorative lighting and smaller window displays.

We offer the FULL LINE of NEON SIGNS and excel in the creation of custom neon lighting for any use or occasion. Call on the Neon Sign experts:

Fiber Optic Lighting

Definition: An optical fiber or optical fibre is a thin, flexible, transparent fiber that acts as a waveguide, or "light pipe", to transmit light between the two ends of the fiber. Widely used in (and initially developed for) fiber-optic communications, fibers are also used for illumination. They may be wrapped in bundles so they can be used to carry images, or allowed to "float" separately, creating beautiful abstract color accents in decorative displays.

From Fiber Optic Hats and Caps to flying discs, from outdoor fantasylands to intricate Fiber Optic Signs that shimmer, there is no end of uses for fiber optics in your promotional items and event decor. Share your wildest fiber optic dreams with us, and LightGod's talented designers will make it a one-of-a-kind reality for you!

Lighted Signage

Definition: Lighted signage includes all uses of lighting effects, from incandescant and flourescent backlighting to neon and LED edgelighting, to create signage that can be seen at night.

LED edgelit signs can be particularly breathtaking. Using a similar technology to fiber optics, a clear acrylic sheet is cut to shape and etched with the signs words and images. A line of colored LED lights is attached along one edge of the sheet, illuminating the edges of the digitally laser etched design as well as the outer edge of the sign itself.

Whatever your choice of sign illumination technology, can create it for you - just call us today at 831-458-3779.

Attract Attention With Our Affordable LED Blinking Pins

If you wish to liven up your next corporate event or a large party, blinking pins are an excellent and affordable option. These blinky pins come in a huge variety of styles and colors to suit virtually any occasion, and they add a bit of sparkle to any type of event. At LightGod, we offer fast shipping and great bulk prices on all of our blinky pins. Here's a sample of what we offer.

When you are browsing our website in search of our LED blinking pins, you will find most of our offerings under the heading of LED Light pins. Under that heading, we have the blinky pins organized in several different categories.

For instance, if you are hosting a sports-themed event of any type, take a look at our sports LED blinky pins. This includes baseball blinking pins, soccer ball blinking pins, football blinking pins, golf ball blinky pins and a few unique offerings. Our roller skate pins would be a big hit at a skating-themed event or even a 1970s themed party or event. We also have a checkered flag pin that would work well for many different types of parties and a cheer horn blinky pin.

If you are hosting an academic event, such as a large convention for educators, we have several different options, including an apple blinky pin and a school bus blinking pin. Our graduation cap blinky pins also might suit any education-related event as well as a large graduation party.

For any type of patriotic event, such as a large company Fourth of July party, we have many different styles of blinking pins that feature American flag designs. These patriotic pins can be found under our Flag section as well as our All-American section, the latter of which also includes several other interesting blinky pins, such as our popular Lady Liberty blinking pin.

In addition to American flag blinky pins, our flag blinking pins also including checkered racing flags, a Mexican flag blinking pin and a unique pin in the shape of Italy that features the three colors of the Italian flag. The latter two pins would be fun at any event featuring either a Mexican or Italian theme.

When it comes to blinky pins, this is really just the tip of the iceberg. We have a variety of unique blinking pins in our Planes, Trains & Autos section that include everything from motorcycle and train blinky pins to fire engine blinking pins, cruise ship blinky pins and hot air balloon blinking pins.

We also have music-themed blinking pins, birthday-themed blinking pins, wedding-themed blinking pins, cocktail themes, casino themes and, of course, an assortment of holiday-themed blinking pins. These holidays include Hanukkah, Christmas and Thanksgiving, but you also can find shamrock blinking pins, Valentine blinking pins and Mardi Gras blinky pins under our general Holidays & Themes section.

blinking pins are an excellent and affordable novelty item, and at LightGod, many of our LED blinking pins can be customized to display your logo. Each blinky pin is packaged individually, and each contains long-lasting, but replaceable AG3 batteries.

A Party Isn't A Party Without Glowing Ice Cubes

Planning a corporate event can seem like a bit of a challenge, but there are plenty of ways to set your event or party apart from the rest. One of our best sellers, glowing ice cubes, can elevate your event to new heights. Here are just a few examples of the types of events that might benefit from these fun novelty items.

The Launch Party

While your company's latest product or service obviously holds center stage at a launch party, it's important to introduce a few elements of fun. Our glowing ice cubes might be just the touch of whimsy you seek while planning an inspirational launch party. To keep it simple, select just one or two different colors or perhaps select the colors featured on your company logo.

The Grand Opening

Whether you are a restaurateur opening the doors of a chic, new hotspot or the owner of a rowdy sports bar, glowing ice cubes make a great statement for your grand opening or for any special event. Have bartenders add them to drinks or use them to fill some empty, clear bar glasses for a cool decoration. You also can fill clear ice buckets with a combination of glowing ice cubes and regular ice to illuminate wine and champagne bottles, as well as a variety of liquors and mixers.

The Corporate Event

People are drawn to light, and if your next convention booth features some cool LED items, people will be more likely to pay attention. You can pass out some of our blinking pins, light-up novelty toys or perhaps serve up some ice-cold sodas or sparkling water in clear plastic cups with glowing ice cubes. Most of these items, including the glowing ice cubes, all can be customized to feature your logo. This will keep your company fresh in mind even after the event as potential clients begin to unpack their convention loot. In addition to conventions, our glowing ice cubes and other LED items make great favors to pass out during conferences or after-event parties.

The Company Party

We've all been to our share of dull company parties, but a company-hosted party doesn't have to be a drag. Inspire employees to have some fun by adding a few LED novelty items, such as the glowing ice cubes or some of our other exciting LED barware. We have many styles of LED glasses, such as LED shot glasses, LED wine glasses, margarita glasses and much more. We also have lighted serving trays, lighted coasters and other unique items to truly make your company party glow.

Private Parties & Weddings

In addition to serving hundreds of corporate clients, our cool LED items often are the favor of choice at weddings, large parties and events such as a retirement bash or a bar mitzvah. You can serve up drinks with glowing ice cubes and all of the guests, both young and old, will enjoy the glow. But don't just think of these little glowing ice cubes as something to place in a drink. You could place several into a punch bowl to add a bit of pizzazz or even create a cool, glowing and blinking centerpiece for virtually any type of party.

At LightGod, we have a wide variety of glowing ice cubes to consider. Some of the glowing ice cubes feature a button switch to activate the LED light, while others are liquid activated and some are snap and shake activated. We also have a variety of color and shape options, so you are sure to find a color and style that fits in with your unique event. As we mentioned earlier in the article, most of our glowing ice cubes can be customized to showcase your custom logo or perhaps a special message.