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About Our Light Up Products

We import, manufacture, imprint and distribute the coolest light up products and light up sign technology in the world.

Electroluminescent Signs

EL Signs and Electroluminescent technology is the new way to catch your audience's attention, its paper thin, captivating light source is revolutionising the way businesses market their branded message to their target customers. We can light up any artwork to your own specifications whether it's size, shape, color or animated sequence.

Electroluminescent lighting is changing the sign world. Imagine lightweight, smoothly animated signs that make people wonder "how did they do that?" The answer is affordable but dazzling displays that we call Electroluminescent Signs. These signs are amazingly thin (think smaller than your wallet) and super-bright.

Companies that are serious about standing out from the crowd are choosing to help them with their promotional and advertising needs. We are the leading provider and innovator of products using LED’s. From LED buttons, and LED pins, LED necklaces, and LED bracelets to LED flashlights, LED key chains, and LED apparel, contact us first for all your LED lighted novelties.

LED's Lighting

Definition: Light emitting diodes (LEDs) are diodes (electronic components that let electricity pass in only one direction) that emit visible light when electricity is applied, much like a light bulb.

When many LEDs are side-by-side, they can create pictures, such as the scrolling colorful LED signs and badges found on, or be strung together to be used like "light lines." When they're used individually, or in small groups of two to five lights, they can light up a drinking glass, a ring, a pendant, or a flashlight. When used in banks of dozens of lights, the banks can be used to light up an entire wall. is the leading provider and innovator of products using LED’s. From LED buttons, and LED pins,LED necklaces, and LED bracelets to LED flashlights, LED key chains, and LED apparel, contact us first for all your LED lighted novelties.


Definition: Electroluminescence (EL)is the emission of light by a phosphor when activated by an alternating field or by a gas or material when activated by an electric discharge.

This is completely different from black body light emission of heat such in an incandescent light, from the "excitement" of a gas enclosed in a glass tube as in a flourescent or neon light, from the chemical reaction in chemiluminescence, from sound (sonoluminescence), or from some other other mechanical action (mechanoluminescence).

Electroluminescent lighting can be applied to virtually any material to provide beautiful lighted accents as thin as a wire, as a large piece of fabric or as amzing animated EL Signs. It can be woven into or wrapped around anything you can imagine. can incorporate and integrate EL lighting into any application you can think of.

Plasma Lighting

Definition: Plasma lamps are a type of electrodeless lamp energized by radio frequency (RF) power. They are distinct from the novelty plasma lamps that were popular in the 1980s. An electrodeless lamp is a light source in which the power required to generate light is transferred from the outside of the lamp envelope by means of (electro)magnetic fields, in contrast with a typical electrical lamp that uses electrical connections through the lamp envelope to transfer power.

Modern plasma lamps are a family of light sources that generate light by exciting a plasma inside a closed transparent burner or bulb using radio frequency (RF) power. They add motion and excitement to any light-up display. Whether you purchase a stock item or have something custom-made for your event, can provide it for you.

Neon Lights

Definition: Neon lighting is created by brightly glowing, electrified glass tubes or bulbs that contain rarefied neon or other gases.

Neon Signs and tube lighting have been around for more than 100 years. It was first presented in essentially its modern form at the Paris Motor Show from December 3–18, 1910. It became very popular for signage and displays between 1920 and 1940. A cultural phenomenon, by 1940 nearly every American city's downtown area was awash in colorful neon. Now used more extensively outside the US, where development is vigorously pursued in Japan and Iran, the use of neon signage has expanded from the large, bold designs associated with Las Vegas in the '50s and '60s, and still lighting up Times Square in New York City, to include interior decorative lighting and smaller window displays.

We offer the FULL LINE of NEON SIGNS and excel in the creation of custom neon lighting for any use or occasion. Call on the Neon Sign experts:

Fiber Optic Lighting

Definition: An optical fiber or optical fibre is a thin, flexible, transparent fiber that acts as a waveguide, or "light pipe", to transmit light between the two ends of the fiber. Widely used in (and initially developed for) fiber-optic communications, fibers are also used for illumination. They may be wrapped in bundles so they can be used to carry images, or allowed to "float" separately, creating beautiful abstract color accents in decorative displays.

From Fiber Optic Hats and Caps to flying discs, from outdoor fantasylands to intricate Fiber Optic Signs that shimmer, there is no end of uses for fiber optics in your promotional items and event decor. Share your wildest fiber optic dreams with us, and LightGod's talented designers will make it a one-of-a-kind reality for you!

Lighted Signage

Definition: Lighted signage includes all uses of lighting effects, from incandescant and flourescent backlighting to neon and LED edgelighting, to create signage that can be seen at night.

LED edgelit signs can be particularly breathtaking. Using a similar technology to fiber optics, a clear acrylic sheet is cut to shape and etched with the signs words and images. A line of colored LED lights is attached along one edge of the sheet, illuminating the edges of the digitally laser etched design as well as the outer edge of the sign itself.

Whatever your choice of sign illumination technology, can create it for you - just call us today at 831-458-3779.