LED Party Decorations

Light Up Floating Garden Orbs - Color Change

SKU: 663-gardenorb (6s)

Submersible Light Base - Deluxe with Remote - Multicolor LED

SKU: 663-sub10-m (6s)

Mini Sticky Lights - Assorted LED

SKU: 420-msl-a (6s)

LED String Lights - Multicolor

SKU: 963-strnglt-m (6s)

Light Up Roses - Floating - Color Change

SKU: 663-flt-rose (6s)

EL Wire - Blue - 3.3'

SKU: 663-elwire-bl (6s)

Light Up White Rose - 8-Color Change LED

SKU: 663-8-c-rose (6s)

Light Up Furniture - Cube with Charger & Remote - 16"

SKU: 663-cube16 (6s)

EL Wire - Red - 3.3'

SKU: 663-elwire-r (6s)

Light Up Orb - 8" - Rainbow LED

SKU: 663-orb8 (6s)

Light Up Fiber Optic Centerpiece - Color Change

SKU: 663-focenter4 (6s)


Light Up Fiber Optic Centerpiece - Heart - Multicolor LED

SKU: 663-focenter (6s)

Light Up Fiber Optic Centerpiece - Color Change

SKU: 663-focenter2 (6s)

Light Up Fiber Optic Centerpiece - Color Change

SKU: 663-focenter3 (6s)

Light Up Fiber Optic Centerpiece - White - LED

SKU: 663-focenter-w (6s)

Light Up Centerpiece - Blue - Fiber Optic - LED

SKU: 663-cpiece-b (6s)

Light Up Centerpiece - Multicolor - Fiber Optic - LED

SKU: 663-cpiece-m (6s)

Light Up Centerpiece - White - Fiber Optic - LED

SKU: 663-cpiece-w (6s)

Light Up Furniture - Lounge Chair - Multicolor LEDs

SKU: 663-lngchr-m (6s)

Light Up Cube Decoration - 8" - Multicolor LED

SKU: 663-cube8-m (6s)

Light Up Bar - Curved - Rechargeable with Remote

SKU: 663-bar-crv (6s)

Light Up Deco Balls with Stakes - Color Change LED

SKU: 663-decoballs (6s)


Light Up Floral Centerpiece - Fiber Optic - LED

SKU: 663-floralcp (6s)

Light Up Daisy Chain - Multicolor LED

SKU: 663-daisy-m (6s)

Light Up Rose - Floating - White LED

SKU: 663-fltrose-cc (6s)

Light Up Rose - Floating - White LED

SKU: 663-fltrose-w (6s)

Light Up Flower Decorations - Assorted

SKU: 663-flwrasst (6s)

Light Up Flower Pinwheels - Assorted - LED

SKU: 663-flwrpnwhl (6s)

Light Up Flowers - Fiber Optic - Multicolor LED

SKU: 663-flwrs-m (6s)

Light Up Base - Color Change LED

SKU: 663-base-m (6s)

Mini Sticky Lights - Blue LED

SKU: 420-msl-b (6s)

Mini Sticky Lights - Green LED

SKU: 420-msl-g (6s)

Mini Sticky Lights - Orange LED

SKU: 420-msl-o (6s)


Mini Sticky Lights - White LED

SKU: 420-msl-w (6s)

Mini Sticky Lights - Pink LED

SKU: 420-msl-p (6s)

Mini Sticky Lights - Red LED

SKU: 420-msl-r (6s)

Light Up Pin - Blue LEDs - Arts & Crafts

SKU: 663-bl-blublu (6s)

Light Up Base - Blue LED

SKU: 663-base-b (6s)

Light Up Base - UV - Purple LED

SKU: 663-base-pr (6s)

Light Up Base - White LED

SKU: 663-base-w (6s)

Light Up Furniture - Side Table - Glass Top - Multicolor LEDs

SKU: 663-gtsdtbl-m (6s)

LED String Lights - Happy Birthday - Color Change

SKU: 663-hbstring (6s)

Black Light - Portable with LED Flashlight - 10"

SKU: 220-bl10 (6s)

Light Up Butterfly Decorations - Color Changing LED

SKU: 663-bflydec (6s)


Light Up Mini Light Show Projector - LED

SKU: 663-minilaser (6s)

Submersible LED Mini Lights - Amber

SKU: 663-mlsub-a (6s)

Submersible LED Mini Lights - Blue

SKU: 663-mlsub-b (6s)

Submersible LED Mini Lights - Green

SKU: 663-mlsub-g (6s)

Light Up Floating Candle - Amber - LED

SKU: 663-fltcandle (6s)

Submersible LED Mini Lights - Multicolor

SKU: 663-mlsub-m (6s)

LED Party Lights - DJ Lighting - Multicolor LED

SKU: 663-djlt-m (6s)

Submersible LED Mini Lights - Pink

SKU: 663-mlsub-pk (6s)

Submersible LED Mini Lights - Purple

SKU: 663-mlsub-pr (6s)

Submersible LED Mini Lights - Red

SKU: 663-mlsub-r (6s)

Submersible LED Mini Lights - White

SKU: 663-mlsub-w (6s)


Light Up Orb with Charger & Remote - 10" - Color Change

SKU: 663-orb10 (6s)

Light Up Plate - Platter - Blue

SKU: 663-plate-b (6s)

Light Up Candle Set - Rechargeable - Flickering LED

SKU: 663-rchcndl (6s)

Light Up Rose - LED - Red

SKU: 663-rose (6s)

Light Up Soft Orb - Color Changing

SKU: 663-softorb (6s)

LED String Lights - Sparkling Ball - Blue

SKU: 663-sprkblts-b (6s)

LED String Lights - Sparkling Ball - White

SKU: 663-sprkblts-w (6s)

Light Up Sparkle Lamp - Mini Rocket - Blue

SKU: 663-sprklmp-b (6s)

Light Up Sparkle Lamp - Mini Rocket - Silver

SKU: 663-sprklmp-s (6s)

LED String Lights - Flower - Pink

SKU: 663-strflwr-pk (6s)

LED String Lights - Heart - Red

SKU: 663-strhrt-r (6s)


LED String Lights - Stars - Color Change LEDs

SKU: 663-strlts-m (6s)

LED String Lights - Amber

SKU: 663-strnglt-a (6s)

LED String Lights - Blue

SKU: 663-strnglt-b (6s)

LED String Lights - Blue Green & Pink

SKU: 663-strnglt-m (6s)

LED String Lights - White

SKU: 663-strnglt-w (6s)

LED String Lights - Snowflake - Blue

SKU: 663-strsnow-b (6s)

LED String Lights - Snowflake - Multicolor

SKU: 663-strsnow-m (6s)

Light Up Candle - Amber Tea Light - Flickering LED - 1 1/4"

SKU: 663-tealite-a (6s)

Light Up Candle - Blue Tea Light - Flickering LED - 1 1/4"

SKU: 663-tealite-b (6s)

Light Up Candle - Red Tea Light - Flickering LED - 1 1/4"

SKU: 663-tealite-r (6s)

Light Up Candle - White Tea Light - Flickering LED - 1 1/4"

SKU: 663-tealite-w (6s)


LED Flashlight - 9 UV Bulbs - Purple

SKU: 220-9uvfl-pr (6s)

Light Up Flowers - Poinsettias - Christmas

SKU: 663-xmasflwr (6s)

Fiber Optic Christmas Tree Centerpiece - Assorted Colors

SKU: 663-xmastr-a (6s)

Light Up Christmas Tree - Green

SKU: 663-xmastree-g (6s)

Light Up Christmas Tree - Silver

SKU: 663-xmastree-s (6s)

Light Up Glowy Ball - 2" on cord - Multicolor LED

SKU: 771-ball2-m (6s)

Light Up Glowy Ball - 3" - Multicolor LED

SKU: 771-ball3-m (6s)

Light Up Star - Indoor Outdoor - 9" - Silver - White LED

SKU: 771-star9-s (6s)

Light Up Button - Star - Clip - Gold - White LED

SKU: 771-starclp-g (6s)

Light Up Button - Star - Clip - Silver - White LED

SKU: 771-starclp-s (6s)

Light Up Star - Waterproof - Clear - Silver Glitter - White LED

SKU: 771-stardecor-s (6s)


Light Up Stake - Bamboo

SKU: 821-bamboo (6s)

LED Candle - In Votive - Flickering - 5"

SKU: 821-invtvf (6s)

LED Strand Light

SKU: 821-lghtstrnd (6s)